Monday, November 21, 2005

A Wonderful Weekend

The weekend that Bush and the GOP had was a really good one. To start off with, Bush started the week by hammering away at the Dems antiwar criticism, the Dems shot themselves in the feet with their anti-war talk (Rep. Murtha’s political stunt), and then got burned badly with the GOP move to call for a vote for or against withdrawing from Iraq. And then Bush went off to Asia for State visits to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Mongolia. And Bush looked very, very Presidential in Asia. Oh, and to top it all off, the UN is now admitting that Saddam DID have WMDs in Iraq, but either destroyed or dispersed them prior to the Coalition invasion in 2003- and this what the documents that we’ve gotten since the fall of Baghdad have told us.

So it was a good weekend if you’re Bush and the GOP. And a very bad one if you’re a antiwar Democrat, or were hoping that it’d work against Bush. I guess the mantra for the Dems right now is "oooooops". I mean, really, did they expect Congressman Murtha’s "Cut and Run" speech to be allowed to float in Congress without a retort? Especially after Bush and the GOP made it clear that they were going to continue their attack on the Dems’ war record- how they voted for it and then tried to make it sound like they never did? Please, get a new leadership. I saw the GOP’s concerted attack as of LAST weekend. Murtha’s statements were so far beyond the pale that there was no way the GOP wouldn’t respond to it. And the fact that Murtha has been saying this for a while- and the Dems are trying to pass him off as a "hawk" on Iraq is total bullshit. It was a cheap political stunt that they orchestrated with a mid-level (at best) Congressman who they could ditch if the going got tough (and it has). The vote in Congress was just the icing on the cake- and they know that they can’t revisit it in 2006 during the mid-term elections because the GOP already called them on it.

Their entire platform was exposed as total political lies, and cheap sniping- on issues of national security, no less! The best they could do was bitch that the GOP was going after Murtha’s record and his patriotism. Not only is that trying to change the subject, but it’s also an ad hominem attack. It boiled down to a "We don’t like that you have an argument, so we’re going to pretend that you are evil and want to destroy the good and honorable Rep. Murtha." They should be ashamed of themselves, but they have no spines. And in all this, they’ve totally forgotten what impact it will have on the soldiers. And the fact that the vote was so lopsided shows what the American public really thinks- and spits in the face of the so-called polls. We’re not pulling out of Iraq, anytime soon, and the Dems now face the real possibility that when the smoke clears, they’ll have lost their anti-war base. Boo fucking hoo.

Bush’s visits to Asia signaled another sea change- he went from dealing with the media’s nitpicking over the whole "Plame Game" stuff, to setting the agenda overseas while looking good at it. Think about it, if you’re the average American voter, what matters more to you- yet another media attempt to manufacture a Watergate type scandal, or the president talking about trade, democracy, Chinese/American relations, the Global War on Terror, and North Korea? I’ll take the latter for $500, Alex. The Dems look like chump change right now, not only because of the thumping they got in Congress, but also because Bush’s actually doing his job. Notice how the mainstream media’s NOT going out of their way to showcase polls right now? Gee, I wonder why. Oh, and Karl Rove’s back on the job too, now that the stupid Fitzgerald stuff is all but over. Ever wonder why Alito was so warmly received by the GOP, and how fast the GOP’s unified response was to the Dems antiwar bitching? Wanna bet the last few months Rove was forced to be isolated from the White House? And that now he’s not?

And it was a really bad weekend for the terrorists, and the antiwar crowd in general. First, the bombings in Jordan went as I predicted they’d go- all of Jordan is now pissed off at them. Zarqawi’s family itself denounced him, and 200,000 Jordanians marched in protest against the terrorists, and in support of King Abdullah. Yeah, I think that went astoundingly bad for them. On top of that, the UN issued a report that states that Iraq, prior and during the 2003 Coalition invasion, got rid of their WMD stocks by sending them elsewhere- Jordan, Turkey, Holland…….and Syria ( The UN is no friend to the US, and this is what they are saying. If you’re the antiwar crowd, and you’re STILL saying that "Bush lied, people died" then you’re dreaming, and really don’t actually care about the issue at hand- you just want to lash out at Bush, one way or the other. Thank god that Hussein and Zarqawi aren’t in the position to threaten anyone with WMDs. Even the UN can see that. Why can’t the goddamn Dems see that? Oh, and you’ll have to dig into the media to find it- like the MSM wants you to have a brain on this. Perish that thought! You’re not paid to think! I await the day the Alien and Sedition Acts are brought into affect. With glee.

Oh, and I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was quite good. So, it really WAS a good weekend, for me!


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