Thursday, June 30, 2005

Get a grip!

If anyone reads National Review's website (NRO), they generally are a very good place to look for news, opinions, and occasional silly stuff (they rib each other about their geekiness). But sometimes they act like they're a bunch of "know-it-alls" because.......they are "know-it-alls".

Thus comes the President's speech. I liked it. It wasn't meant for them, it was meant for the average layperson and voter who had probably been listening to the Democrats carp for the past few months while Bush tried to find a voice on the domestic agenda (I think he did, but others would disagree, but that's for another topic). . It was time for Bush to set the record straight, and he did that. He didn't need to hit a home run, but it's safe to say that he at least hit a double into the gap between center and rightfield.

Enter NRO. Some of them get what the Prez was intending to do. But others wanted him to do more. Um, like, what? What more could he have done? Asked to get the Democratic leadership into a wrestling ring, and like a good Texan, bring out some Austin 3:16 ass-whoopin, middle fingers, and Stone Cold Stunners (yes, folks, I'm a wrestling fan. That's for another time)? That's not gonna happen. He did what he needed to do- no more, no less. He wisely stayed away from histrionics, and from reaching too far into the party base's rhetoric.

NRO sometimes comes across as though they wish they had written his speeches. And that colors their writings at times, about the Prez's works. I wish they would just realize that he's got more to do than reach out to NRO, and that it doesn't help to bite your lips over things like that.


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