Monday, June 06, 2005

Hear it

Hear the sounds of the crashing waves around you.

Hear the sound of your heart pounding in your chest, as you stagger to the shoreline.

Hear the sounds of your men screaming, as they as they try in vain, to shout over the din of artillery and small arms fire that's all around them.

Hear the sounds of men givng their last breaths to this world, having been shredded by artillery fire.

Hear the sounds of men with grim determination to get the job done.

Hear the sounds of the waves crashing once again, but only with the sounds of more men staggering up the beach.

Hear the sounds of a distant nation, praying in their myriad ways, for your job to be done, for your glory, and for your salvation.

Hear the sounds of a nation that's not too far away, crying in anguish and despair. Their numbers tell their story.

And hear the sounds of your children, your great-grandchildren, and your grandchildren's children, who continue to fight in your name, and honor in present day- be it in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or any other place where freedom needs to be made free.

Hear it. Cherish it. Honor it. Here's to those of OVERLORD and ANVIL. We continue to fight in your honor.

Hear Old Glory salute you, in the wind, throughout the passages of time.


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