Sunday, May 15, 2005

Real Nightmares

As usual at the Cannes movie festival, it's a joygasm of tinfoil leftists and numbskulls, who have been so pampered by riches, prosperity, and fame that they no longer understand the concept of freedom and democracy. Y'see, folks in the Hollywoods of the world have grown accustomed to barking orders at lesser people around them- and by lesser, I mean people who aren't other top billed directors, producers, actors and actresses, and that sort of thing (apologies to those that don't give a shit in H-wood, like James Woods). You're not a friend of theirs if you can't provide some gratifying ego boost to these people. It probably explains why they're so eager to accept conspiracy theories and leftist rantings- they get to have their ego boost while not having to A) think hard about it and B) actually be amongst the lesser people.

If they wanted to talk to conservatives, they'd probably have to talk to middle America- you know, NASCAR fans. Perish that thought! They take the easy way out, and go for the college crowd, and the West/East coast mentality.

That brings me to "Power of Nightmares" a documentary that's screening at Cannes. It's about how the US and British governments have "exaggerated" terror fears for their own personal political gain, since 9/11. Wow, talk about calling the Kettle black. I love it when these documentaries bitch about politics- yet they play the same political game that they rail against! Isn't "Power of Nightmares" exaggerating an exaggeration? And for political gain? Reifenstahl would be proud of the producers of the documentary.

Anyways, I live in New York. I remember that September morning, and I don't want to see it again. And I surmise that no one else does, either. Documentaries like these want to forget that we live in a world in which there are those that don't like us- and will go to any lengths to make sure that we feel their anger. It's also a vain attempt to discredit those that stand to benefit the most from the War on Terror, of course- Bush, Blair, and their respective political parties. It's also a convienient way to slide 9/11 into a separate category of pity and remorse, without having to actually tackle the political, military, and cultural issues that revolve around it. It's pathetic, really, since their views are really THAT transparent. It's ultimately a callous and mean-spirited view of the world, in which anyone who doesn't agree with you gets ass-reamed in any way you can administer it. I'll probably end up seeing the documentary, just so I can go on record as having seen it- which is probably more than the documentarians have done with New York, Washington DC, and and Pennsylvania. Ground Zero doesn't mean anything to these folks.

When these people talk about how Bush and company are exaggerating the war on terror, you respond with this:

9/11 was the third major attempt at a terror attack on NYC since 1993. Does that sound like an exaggeration? Or a reality check? Oh, and had the planes hit a few hours later on that day, the death toll would have been in the tens of thousands. Think about that for a sec.

And to the tinfoil celebs in hollywood- you tell them this: how many lives are you willing to risk on the chance you're not right? Disregard soldiers from your calculations- they're soldiers. Count civilians only. What happens if the A.Q Khan nuclear black market found it's way to Al Quai'da? or Islamiiah Jemmiyyah? How many hundreds of thousands are you willing to risk- not just in America, but throughout the world? And would you be willing to live with the number that you end up with? Or would you just mouth another "I'm sorry, world" for the deaths of untold hundreds of thousands, in an attack that dwarfs 9/11? Sorry doesn't cut it in the real world, Hollywood.

The problem with the celebs is that they're not about to do any research on anything- they'll just continue to mouth platitudes without thinking hard. That's the beauty of America and most democratic countries- you don't need to think hard or watch most of what you say. They can shrug off their comments for now- until it's too late. That's why they love documentaries like these- it lets them continue to not think for themselves, and they can go back to their "hard work" at making movies. To them, the world is their plaything, and everyone else be damned.

Get out of their sandbox! Now!


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