Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Harvard Follies

I'm not on the up and up with all the story, but I know the basics of the Larry Summers vs. Harvard Faculty situation. Suffice to say, the recent news bothers me (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,150549,00.html), but its one of those things that kinda HAS to happen. Harvard has exposed themselves to the mainstream of America, and America is going to find them to be giant idiots. If they fire Summers, they're seen as intolerant academics who don't care for free speech and real divergence in viewpoints; if they don't fire him, they'll be seen as incompetent and toothless academics. And also intolerant. But, the long term effects of the whole ordeal will be that Harvard will lose alot of it's luster, and will get hurt in their funding and recruitment. If you're a potential recruit for Harvard, what will the effect of a intolerant academic climate mean to you? Simple: go somewhere else. I've been to more than a few colleges so far, in my academic studies, and there's generally alot of freedom to talk about different topics, without fear of any reprisals or harsh recrimination.

Here's some blogger links to the story- check them out, they do better commentary than I do, on this:
Instapundit: http://instapundit.com/archives/021799.php (lots of links for the subject)
Powerline:http://powerlineblog.com/archives/2005_03.php#009844 (WFB quote. 'nuff said)
NRO: http://www.nationalreview.com/thecorner/05_03_13_corner-archive.asp#058358
Lubos Motls: http://motls.blogspot.com/2005/03/sad-day-for-harvard.html (might be the most comprehensive of the Harvard sites. And Bravo to him for standing up for common sense)


Blogger Lumo said...

I was sitting there and voting against both resolutions.

My list of various quotes from the blogs is at

A sad day for Harvard

7:52 PM  
Blogger Fafhrd1 said...

Thank you for doing the right thing, Lumo. Too bad common sense didn't prevail.

But look at it this way, sir: in the end, you'll be right, and the people who voted against Summers will be shamed. Wish it was easier on you, though. Harvard's going to be an even bigger hell than it already is, for a while.

And thanks for linking my posts! I did the same for you!

8:31 AM  

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