Wednesday, February 02, 2005

CNN implodes, part 2

I just realized something- that the 1-2 punch of Turner and Jordan's comments do mean something when taken together, rather than as separate incidences. They represent the overall atmosphere of CNN, when given the chance to truly speak their minds. It's essentially a window into how they operate, at least on an intellectual and moral level. It's a wholly reactionary attitude to the changing environment around them. It also shows that there's probably no way that Jordan can truly be held accountable for his actions, other than from external sources. If two of the top heads of CNN- Turner and Jordan- can make truly stupid and dangerous statements like they have, who in CNN can stop them? I want them to do the right thing- apologize to the US military, and censure Jordan in one way, shape or form. But I also dont' want to sound vindictive, because no one really wants to watch a slow train wreck, but we all inevitably do. Right now, the ball is in the bloggers' court, and it's up to us to hold CNN to the journalistic standards that they should be adhering to.


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