Friday, January 21, 2005

ABC, Part 2

Apparently, ABC couldn't help themselves, and they ran the funeral stuff anyways. It's not on the web, since ABC is probably sure that the 'net will savage them if they put it there- but it's too late, and the 'net has already responed. Here's the text originally spoken by Peter Jennings, gotten from NRO's The Corner (

"In Rockport, Texas today, just about the time the President was speaking, there was a funeral for a young Marine reservist: 21-year-old Matthew Holloway was killed in Iraq last week by a roadside bomb....His brother told a local paper that as much as Matthew wanted to be home, he was very proud of what he was doing in Iraq. And it is something you hear from so many people in the services, including the ten thousand who have already been wounded."

To be fair, I'll say that Jennings DID say that the fallen soldier supported the war effort, and that he wasn't alone in saying so. But at the same point, ABC clearly wanted to go for a cheap shot. Amazing, isn't it? This is what the 1960's have wrought on our journalistic standards. What the reporting from the Vietnam War has given us is nothing more than hackwork journalists who invent the news to fit their own agenda, and will stop at nothing to smear the people or ideas that get in their way, and forget whatever collateral damage that they accrue along the way. In the long run, they'll find themselves sitting next to the dodos, but in the short term, they fail to pay their real respects to fallen soldiers like Matthew Holloway. Their vileness is breathtaking in it's stupidity.


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