Tuesday, January 11, 2005

CBS Fallout

While my earlier post did some praising of the panel that gave us the report on CBS's memogate incident, there are some points that need clarification. At no point did the report accept that the CBS news division was hopelessly out of touch with the political dimensions of the United States. They were staffed with liberals, or left of center democrats who essentially HATED the concept of a Republican in office, and would do anything to bring them down. How much negative press about John Kerry's campaign did they generate? And how much about Bush's campaign did they generate? One doesn't need to be clairvoyant to see who they wanted in the White House. Of course there was political bias at CBS- they planted the memogate story right after the Republican National Convention, when Bush was riding high in the polls. It was a hit piece, pure and simple. And shame on CBS for not catching onto it fast enough, and squashing the story as soon as they heard about it. Yet they decided to do a cover-up instead, which is usually worse than the initial crime itself. And they completely dismiss the notion that there was contact between the DNC, Kerry Campaign, and CBS.

Like I've said, people will talk, and no one's heard the end of this. Les Moonves still has to answer to his stockholders at Viacom/CBS. I don't think they're happy, either. At the least this is probably the effective end of CBS News, unless they do something drastic. I'm increasingly less and less saddened by that fact; it's becoming more and more clear that the mainstream (and leftist) media is more than willing to fall on their swords and die ignominiously before our very eyes.


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