Thursday, January 06, 2005

CBS Memogate Report coming soon?

I'm hearing that it may be on its way, but there's a voice in me that remains skeptical. There are many questions that it needs to answer, and I'm pretty sure that CBS supporters and detractors alike will walk away dissatisfied. Personally, at the least, I'd like to see CBS single out specific people who were involved in the Memogate controversy inside of CBS, and their contacts. I'd also like to see them come up with some form of a detailed timeline of how the Memogate developed, incubated, and was presented to the public. And I'd like see what coughfactcheckingcough was actually done, as well, before the Memogate came out, and after it blew up in their faces.

Addenum: One of my favorite blogs, Little Green Footballs, had some interesting stuff to say about the CBS Memogate investigation ( Here's a really good segment:

The big question, and it ties in with the partisan blindness noted above:
how much coordination took place between the Democratic National Committee and CBS? Remember that new video that showed up only a couple of days after the story broke, titled Fortunate Son? It featured clips of Dan Rather on 60 Minutes II. There was clearly a big push planned around this broadcast. When did it start, and who was involved?

The folks at LGF are right to raise this question. CBS knows that they screwed up with the whole Memogate issue, and they're going to try to use this time to try to save as much face as they can. Odds are that they won't be able to, but I doubt they'll answer what LGF asks for, here. But if indeed quantitive ties between the DNC and CBS can be proven, both are in for a world of trouble, legally and ethically. The problem is, is that there probably will remain only circumstancial evidence (unless they're really stupid) about any connection between the two parties, and we'll continue to see collusions like this happen in the future. Some folks (on both sides of the spectrum) will always operate with a "if I don't get caught, it's not wrong" attitude. I want the hammer to come down on all guilty parties with the CBS memogate investigation, as a warning never to do it again, and as an apology for trying to influence an election. But something tells me that they won't, and that their liberal friends inside and outside the media will protect them.


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