Friday, January 07, 2005

Reading, at the moment

I'm a voracious reader, when I want to be. Sometimes I can be lazy, but these days I'm on it. Currently re-reading David Weber's Honor Harrington Saga- up to Book 3, The Short Victorious War. Good stuff, nice space opera drama, with great naval combat (no one does it better than Weber!), and winning characters. Harrington herself is a strong female lead, an Admiral Nelson type, with a heart of gold.

The other book I'm reading is A Concise History of the Crusades, by Thomas F. Madden. IT covers all the major Crusades, largely from a socio-political perspective, but with some military strategy intermixed within. I like how the author sets the Medieval world- how he points out the differences between the Medieval European ways of thinking, and modern thinking. It's fascinating to see the Medieval world interact within his book, and it's done wonders for my understanding of the Middle Ages, which weren't all that dark. Plus, the book will come in handy when dealing with Ridley Scott's new movie Kingdom of Heaven, which is about the Crusades.


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