Monday, January 10, 2005

CBS Report

I'll be reading the CBS report over the next few days, you can find it here:(, but from what I've gleaned from it, so far are that A) there were serious problems with the fact checking and journalistic standards at CBS B) the report does all that it could to tell everyone that the people who are guilty, are indeed full of crap C) the report all but says that the report and the memos in question were fakes; but for legal reasons they back off from acutally calling them, outright, fakes. I can live with the evidence that they put forth, though, and D) they dismiss charges that CBS had a overtly liberal bias which allowed obvious fake documents to be accepted as fact, and they do not look into the timeline of contacts between the CBS news staff and the Kerry campaign.

Heads did roll at CBS, and rightly so. My personal take is that this is far from over- and that more folks will go before everything's done. Dan Rather may well have had nothing to do with the documents, and the story itself- other than try to protect people that he's worked with for years. It's understandable, on his part, but its also sad that he didn't try to find out what's right and wrong with the reports. In short, he's one of the fall guys here. More work needs to be done to determine the extent of the bias at CBS, which the report trys not to go into.

The evidence is there, that the report finds that the documents were false (without saying so, explicitly) and it's damning. To be honest, the guys who were asked to do the report- Thornburgh and Boccardi- aren't asked to be prosecutorial briefs. I can't, overall, fault the work they do here, which is pretty thorough. But I CAN say that there's far more than meets the eye with this. People talk, and I can guarantee that the folks who were fired will have alot to say about this. Someone somewhere is going to put 1 + 1 together, and they're going to connect the dots. The legal end of this hasn't been touched yet. And the way that CBS is situated right now, more firings will probably come down, and more and more folks there (including the fired ones) will talk.

The fact of the matter is that there WERE connections between the CBS camp and the Kerry/DNC camp. What that means, I'm not sure. But there are too many coincidences, and the CBS report totally glosses over this. What about the phone conversations betweek Burkett, Mapes, Lockhart, and others in the Kerry/DNC camp? What about the timing of the "Fortunate Son" ad campaign, and the various "gotcha" interviews with the Kerry staff, the DNC, and other media names, right after the report was issued? That screams of collusion, and there's enough circumstancial evidence to point fingers at both sides. It won't be long before some enterprising DA gets involved in this. Heads aren't all that should roll- handcuffs should follow.

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