Friday, February 11, 2005

It's been a bad week for Leftists

It's one of those weeks- where you find hardcore Leftists debating whether or not to finish off their last bit of Bourbon, or Jack Daniels. Firstly, Howard Dean is all set to become the new DNC chair. Now, never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would happen. I thought saner voices in the Democratic Party would wake up, realize how much of a walking time bomb that Dean is, and pick someone much more centrist (like Tim Roemer, for one). But no, they kept on going, full sail ahead with Dean.

My analysis is that Dean's not going to do a great job. He'll keep the Democratic base energized. But he won't be able to do anything beyond that; he'll lose alot of longtime Democratic supporters and their money, and he also will fail to make red states turn blue anytime soon. If anything, Democrats will win whatever elections they do win, in spite of his leadership. I predict, barring unforseeable changes, that Dean will last until the 2006 mid-term elections, where he will prove to be ineffectual in changing the downward trend for the Democratic Party. In fact, it wouldn't suprise me if he gets booted earlier than that. Anyways, if their goal is to just be the "obstructionist party" then they won't get much of anywhere, anytime soon. They will not advance any new ideas, but just throw out the same tired crap from the last 30 years (which, somehow, never gets implemented, over and over and over again, so that they can STILL complain about it the next year). Nearly every major bill will have a Republican's name on it, and many bills stand to be history making. Social Security, Tort reform, military spending, and judicial oversight will all be Republican-based in conceptualization.

Then there's Lynne Stewart. She's now convicted of aiding and abetting terrorists (the Blind Shiek, Omar Abdel-Rahman) by smuggling transmissions to their terror groups from his jail cell, when she had signed legal documents stating that she wouldn't. Oops, the feds caught her on tape. And then she all but admitted it by doing press conferences for the Blind Sheik. And now she's sitting there, crying for herself, becuase she's about to get a maximum of 20 years behind bars. I have no pity for wretched monsters like her.

She's typical of far leftists- anything to destroy the west, especially America. And screw whoever gets in their way. Oh, but at the same time, the far leftists MUST be left alone, because they MUST be revered with messianic glee. Or, if you do touch them, they start screaming "Martyr! Martyr! Martyr!" Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. It's all a sham, and a pretty pathetic one at that. You have to be seriously messed up to truly think that by helping a bunch of terrorist thugs, you'll create a utopist socialist world where everyone frolics about in happy go lucky nakedness. That 60's crap is long gone, and I for one, and glad that Stewart got what was coming to her. Plus, it's a warning to far leftists that they're on notice- the American legal system will increasingly no longer work in their benefit.

Both are nails in the 1960's flower power ideology's coffin. Dean is always a soundbite away from saying the things that the left doesn't want you to hear them say (but privately, they really do mean it), and ruin the Dem party from that standpoint. Lynne Stewart will be a source of ridicule for years to come, and she's just made the gov't's job fighting the war on terror from the legal front that much easier. Hell, she singlehandedly made it darn near impossible for leftist lawyers to get close to the Gitmo detainees.

Thanks a bunch, guys. You add years to my life, with your stupidity. Take another swig from your shot glass, you'll need it.


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