Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Plamegate stuff......yawn.

Sorry I haven't been covering the whole Plamegate stuff, since I find 99.9% of it to be redundant, and the usual character assassination stuff that the liberal media tries to hit us with. Yawn.

I think by now, the media would know that all the Prez has to do is wait them out for a few weeks, and he'll have to do absolutely nothing. It'll blow over, as it usually does, and the press will get a nice tounge lashing from the special prosecutor (that they wanted!), who'll tell them what really went down, which probably amounts to nothing more than the CIA being institutionally corrupt and playing the worst kind of partisan politcal games......the sloppy kind that messes national security up.

Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame will end up as pariahs in the US. I'd strongly recommend that they move out of the US, if only to spare us all the embarassment of having to throw eggs at them.

And Karl Rove? He'll still be the Sith Lord the left always wants him to be. Heh.


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