Friday, November 25, 2005

Stocks are up, economy is good

As of the close of the bell today, the Dow Jones is at 10931.62, while the NASDAQ is at 2263.01. The Stock market's basically making the best gains in 4.5 years, since 9/11. And the economy is growing at roughly 3.8% a clip each quarter, which beats out pretty much everyone else. This is also happening in the midst of the hurricane season, where Katrina and Wilma did extensive damage throughout the Southern Gulf region, bringing New Orleans to a standstill. And yet the holiday shopping season has just begun!

Oh, and I doubt you'll get the media to say anything good about the economy. Perish the thought. They'll probably find some poor schmuck who just got fired by Wal Mart to tell them about all the eeeeeeeeevils of Wal Mart. Or try to tell everyone how there are "Two Americas" like John Edwards did last year during the election. Yeah, that's gonna work.

While President Bush has only tangenitally had an effect on the economy (primarily the increase in defense spending and the tax cuts) it'd be nice for them for once to applaud the economy doing good under his presidency- especially when he inherited the Presidency with an economy that was already under recession, long before 9/11.

Naaaaaah. They'll bitch about Iraq like it's 1969. And then do their 6 billionth "hair care products that can cause cancer" infotainment bullshit.

Like anyone cares. Bravo to the American economy for giving the mainstream media the middle finger. Keep up the good work, America!


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