Saturday, April 01, 2006

Looking Ahead Part 3

Now that I've dissected the immigration and national security issues to an extent, what else is there to touch upon? Oh, yeah, the fact that the Dems are going to make the mid-term elections all about impeaching Bush. You don't think so? Russ Feingold is trying to Censure Bush right now, in Congress.

So far, most of the Democrats in Congress have maintained silence on this issue, or have tried to dodge it. But with Feingold's act- which was designed to jumpstart his 2008 Presidential campaign- it's now on the table for the mid-term elections. Give the Dems Congress, and they'll try to impeach Bush. Nevermind that Cheney will be President, and most likely Frist will be VP (because, frankly, the Dems won't get the Senate). Sure, the Dems will ignite their base with such tactics, but even the mere mention of it will do the same for the GOP.

And with a GOP base that has been apathetic towards their Congressmen, the Dems have just given them a reason NOT to be apathetic anymore. They'll put asides their differences with most of their candidates, and vote for them just to NOT have a Coup de'etat. And they'll also get alot of moderate dems to refrain from voting for the more unhinged ones. They'll think "gee, we're doing exactly what the GOP did to Clinton. This isn't right." And they'd be right (for the record, while I deplored Clinton's actions, I also deplored the call for impeachment over the Lewinsky stuff).

Things could still change between now and November. They could completely back off of this agenda. Or they could go full force for it. But as it stands, this issue just gives the GOP initiative for the fall.


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