Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wrestling notes

While we're not going to get the much anticipated fight between Chris Matthews and Zell Miller anytime soon (although political junkies would love to see it, left or right), there are some things I'd like to see happen in 2006 in the wonderful world of wrestling. Some of it's going to be pipe dreams, but some are likely.

- Since Edge is the WWE World Champion on Raw now, I'd like to see him hold the title until WrestleMania. It doesn't make sense for him to be a transitional champion. Use him. I don't particularly care about John Cena, the former champ, and they'd probably be better off just turning him heel and getting him away from the type of matches he was forced to put on as a face.

- With Edge as champ, they really should think about giving him RVD for WrestleMania. The WWE is going to face some serious competition from TNA now, and if they don't do something with RVD this year, they'd better be prepared to lose him to TNA. Give him the title, and let him run with it, or forget he ever existed. Since this is the WWE, the land of the giants, they'll probably forget RVD exists, and that'll be that.

-They'll never do the WrestleMania match I'd love to see, since they don't have the balls do to it: Edge vs. Matt Hardy, after Matt wins the Rumble. They botched that feud last year, and they won't really be able to get another shot at it. Plus, Matt's not what they want as title contender, since he's not big enough (but knows more about wrestling than most do).

- Angle as champ on SD is cool, but it feels very much like a transitional reign, a "we're sorry for fucking you over with John Cena. You were right, we were wrong." type of thing. I could see him losing it to Orton, or facing Rey at WrestleMania for the title. Or Rey/Orton at WM.

- The midcard sucks in the WWE. They're using stopgaps of Booker T, Randy Orton, and Chris Benoit (all former world champions) on Smackdown because they've failed to elevate any young talent, and the guys on Raw- Shelton, Carlito, Masters, etc., are all busy being buried and told that they have no talent. Shelton's a fantastic in-ring preformer, and probably the best pure athlete that the WWE has, outside of Kurt Angle. And Carlito's finally being allowed to do more than punch and kick someone. Masters just sucks. Oh, and the Cruiser division's a joke. TNA's headlining their X Division and the WWE can't be bothered to showcase anything other than plodding giants. Yawn.

- I'd at the least like to see the WWE give Carlito and Masters a tag title run, ease them into some sort of winning position. And get rid of Masters' entrance, it sucks. Push Chavo Guerrero on Raw, I'd love to see him get the recognition he (and his family) deserve with at least a Intercontinental Title run. I'd love to see a Shelton/Chavo feud. As for Smackdown, I'd like to see them do more with MNM, which is a really good tag team (and Melina's HOT). Continue to develop Lashley, even though he'll never be a Brock Lesnar nor a Bill Goldberg. Still, he's got potential.

- In TNA, I'd like to see title runs by Monty Brown and Christian. Both are long overdue, and ready for it. It's nice to have Sting in TNA, but they really should use him to build younger talent. Oh, and Abyss needs a strong title run- or at least feud- as well. He's been held down too long.

- As for Jarrett, give him a few title shots, but don't give him the title after he drops it. He needs to go without a title for a while, like Hunter in the WWE.

- TNA needs to sign Samoa Joe longterm. And while I'd like to see them pull out the Daniels/Joe feud, they should have Joe lose to another young X Division star.

- Continue to develop Austin Aeries, Alex Shelley, and Chris Sabin. I think Alex Shelley's the most polished of all of them- if only because he knows what to do before a live and videotaped crowd. Prehaps give Shelley or Aeries the title from Joe.

- Sign more young talent, TNA. They could develop the tag team division more by bringing in BJ Whittmer and Jimmy Jacobs, as well as Lacey's Angels (Izzy and Dixie) from Ring of Honor. It'd be a break from having only America's Most Wanted, Team 3-D, and The Naturals. Sign Jay Lethal before the WWE does- he's what Shelton Benjamin SHOULD be.

- No Hogan at WrestleMania. I'm not keen on a Shawn Michaels/Vince McMahon match for WrestleMania, either. My dream WrestleMania 22- Edge vs. RVD vs. HBK for the WWE title, Orton vs. Rey for the World Title, Hunter vs. Undertaker (possibly Hell in the Cell), Angle vs. Benoit, Chavo vs. Shelton IC title ladder match, MNM vs. Mexicools vs. Regal/Birchall Tag Titles, Booker T vs. Matt Hardy US Title Match, Lashley vs. JBL No Holds Barred Match.

-Something needs to be done involving Bret Hart- either in the WWE or TNA. Please don't have Dusty Rhodes as the new Raw GM. Someone needs to bring back Brock Lesnar.

-And I'd love to see more attention paid to with Ring of Honor.


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