Thursday, December 29, 2005

2006 Predictions

These prediction things are always dicey, since you never really know if you're going to be right or wrong (and sometimes if you want to be proven right or wrong). But anyways, here goes:

- The GOP will gain two seats in the Senate, possibly more. Anything over 3 seats in the Senate and 10 seats in the house, Dean loses his job as DNC head. It won't help matters when Dean, Pelosi, and Reid all call George Bush a "worse terrorist than Osama Bin Laden".

- The mid-term elections will focus heavily on national security issues, and the GOP will hit gold with the illegal immigration issue. The Dems will try to stonewall like they did in 2005, but only to find that the public really doesn't like political partisan bullshit like "we killed the patriot act" at all. The President ends 2006 with a 60% approval rating.

- Zarqawi will be killed in Iraq, in a gun battle at the Syrian border. Bashar Assad will be assassinated in Syria by senior military officials, who request multiparty peace talks with Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq.

- Israel will strike at Iran sometime early in the year, setting their nuclear program back by a few years. The EU and UN will bitch, moan, and whine at Israel and do nothing. Bush makes fun of them while signing a mutual defense agreement with Israel.

- mid-year the Iranian people will revolt (or at least begin to) when their tgovernment doesn't do anything to fight back against Israel. There will be alot of hot Iranian protest babes.

- The MSM will completely ignore the Iranian revolution. Bloggers will cover it.

- The Merkel government will collapse in Germany, and no one will care. Chirac will become even more of a lame duck, with Sarkozy and de Villepin jockeying for power. And there will be more riots in France, possibly also terrorist attacks.

- there will be at least two major terror attacks in 2006; one will be in Europe. The other will either be in the United States or Israel.

-The Dow Jones will break 11,100 points.

- Kofi Annnan will resign from the Secretary Generalship at the UN. Despite strong campaigning, Bill Clinton will not replace Kofi.

- Hillary will get a second term as Senator in NY, but she will face tough chanllenges from the left and right in the election.

- Hillary will end up not running for President in 2008 because of her Senatorial campaign pledge to not run for the Presidency in 2008.

- The Pistons will win the NBA championship against the Spurs.

- The Mets will make the playoffs, but the Yankees will not when their pitching staff breaks down in June.

- Barry Bonds will return to baseball noticably thinner. He'll hit homers, but nothing like he did in his career years.

- Spielberg's Munich will garner $55 million in the US box office (and get some $70 mil from foriegn BO), proving that he doesn't carry the weight in the box office that he used to. Yet his film will get three oscar nominations, and he'll win best director. Brokeback Mountain will win best picture, and no one will care.

- The Patriots will win the Super Bowl once again. Eli Manning will win a playoff game; Peyton Manning will not.

- J.K. Rowling will decide to make an 8th Harry Potter book.


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