Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stupid Questions I expect for John Roberts

John Roberts, President Bush's SCOTUS nominee, will eventually go before the Senate Judiciary comittee and have to face what will amount to an inquiry. Here are a sample of questions I expect the Democrats to ask him:

- "What do you prefer, Mr. Roberts, Pepsi or Coca-Cola?"

- "Can you say Sandy Sells Seashells by the Seashore, five times fast?"

- "What is spam made of? And can we outlaw it?"

- "Who is a bigger idiot: Ben Affleck, or Tom Cruise?"

- "If the terrorists attack us again, can we blame Santa Claus? And if we do, would you question our patriotism?"

- "Did you see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Is it any good? I might want to take my grandkids to see it."

- "Is Tiger Woods human? Or does he come from the same planet that Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, and George Lucas come from?"

- "Have you ever met Jack Bauer? And if so, do you think he'd give me an autograph?"

- "I'm sorry, can you skip me for now? I'm busy playing World of Warcraft."


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