Monday, August 15, 2005

Israel, Part 5

The Gaza pullout is commencing in full force, now. The media, as usual, is spinning this wildy out of proportion. You'd think that there's alot of protests and violence on behalf of the settlers vs. Israeli soldiers, if you paid attention to the Media's version of events.

According to NRO, far more settlers have left Gaza voluntarily, without the Israeli military and police having to step in. And of the settlers who haven't left yet, most aren't putting up a fight. It's been more symbolic than confrontational, and only a minority within a minority are actually putting up real resistance. Shame on them, of course, but at least I can understand their frustrations. Not only that, but most of them are of the ultra-orthodox variety, and most of them don't serve in the Israeli army on any level (the religious are exempt from serving). The average Israeli REALLY doesnt like the religious settlers doing that, and then thumbing their noses at everyone else. If there's one thing you can get most Israelis to agree on, it's that the Ultra- Orthodox sects have gotten far more than they ever should have, and it's time to slap a bunch of petulant children down.

You'd think the Media would be happy that the Israelis are leaving, but apparently, the media isn't. After all this time of their "Israelis are Nazis vs. the Peace Loving Palestinians" media blather we've gotten in the past 20+ years, they sound somewhat sympathetic towards the settlers. It's a huge leap of logic, here.

But then again, maybe not. They'd rather Israel be in Gaza and the West Bank to peddle their mantra. Since they're no longer going to be in Gaza and the West Bank, the Israelis and Palestinians will be two separate states (effectively going to the 1967 borders in those regions), and the Palestinians won't be able to cry bloody murder towards the Israelis much, anymore. Plus, it'll become more and more apparent that the Palestinians aren't interested in peace, but rather, just want to eradicate Israel. So, the media will have to explain why Israel and Palestine are at separate nations. And after the Palestinians launch an attack on Israel that'll basically be un-spinnable. And then they'll watch the Israeli ass-kicking (probably from their Baghdad Hotel, heh).

So I guess the media's upset that they're losing their nookie. Oh well, tough loss. Argentina can cry me a river, some other time.

Also, nice to see Mr. Derbyshire finally stop being Mr. Contrarian at NRO and say something constructive for once Nice to see someone else talking about what I've been talking about.

UPDATE- What everyone's forgetting is that the Gaza pullout is in the long run, really a minor issue. For an issue that will have greater impact on the future of Israel, look no further than the growing nuclear threat out of Iran. With Israel no longer in Gaza and the West Bank, that'll free the Israelis up politically and militarily to deal with the Iranians very shortly. Assuming the United States, Afghanistan, and Iraq don't, first.


Blogger Katsvenland said...

Well, I finally got a chance to read Part 5 just now, and I must say I did hear some of the media explain that most of the Israelis are leaving voluntarily(that media source being Fox News.) My only confusion is the part about them shooting from "their Baghdad hotel" but figured you were pulling a silly. Or were you?

7:25 PM  
Blogger Fafhrd1 said...

It's partially a silly comment, but if the mainstream media was given the chance between doing some actual field work and sitting in a posh hotel and pretending to do work but just pimping their given bylines and talking points, they'd take the latter in a heartbeat. And do, in the case of Iraq.

Which is why, if given the chance to do real reporting in Israel, they'll take the easy way out...hence, why they'd shoot their newspieces from "their Baghdad hotel".


12:05 AM  

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