Monday, August 01, 2005

Newsday at it again?

In the August 1st Edition of Newsday, they have a major article on the London bombers- saying that the Bombers did their attacks because of Iraq (Newsday Article). I was immediately suspicious since no other major news website or newspapers reported the same story. Even Newsday calls it "reportedly" which is code word for "we can deny that we said it was the truth down the line." Yeah, sure, whatever.

It's a source that comes, apparently enough, from Correre della Sera, an Italian leftist newspaper that even Newsday doesn't directly source, and I can't find it at their website. It's not even the major news story on Newsday's website. But it is on their regular daily newspaper- front page and all that.

No one- not even CNN, not the AP, not any other Italian or British news service- is taking this seriously. And since Newsday's even looking like they're shunting the article aside, that they've got egg on their face. I don't doubt that there will be bombings because of Iraq, but the timing of the bombings is key.

I'll reserve final say until after the authorities and intel services are finished with their investigations and interrogations. But I will say that the article seems to be a cheap shot that's geared towards manufacturing the claim that Iraq caused more terrorism than previously. I mean, Newsday has:
1. A poorly sourced article from a Italian news service that isn't fan friendly to the US
2. no one else is talking about their claims at this moment.
3. Why use a Italian news service, fail to mention who they are directly, and actually show NO evidence that Omar Hussain actually said anything- nor talk about Correre della Sera's own sources?
4. Isn't it convienient to use a leftist foriegn newspaper as your key source? How many people will bother to actually translate their articles?
5. How would the news come out this early when the investigations have really just begun?
6. Why post it up on the daily newspaper (but not the main webpage, as of this moment) prominiently? That screams of projection, and trying to shove it in the readers' faces, like you want them to think it's true? The way they handled that aspect of it seems to be too much like the leftist blogs online, and reduces credibility of the article.

It's too early to say that Newsday's wrong, or that they are right. But I will say that their follow through on the article is shoddy at best, and is poor journalism at work. It won't suprise me if the whole story fizzles for Newsday, and they lose more readers because of their poor standards. They lost me years ago, as it is, with their pompous attitude and penchant for insulting their readers' intelligence.