Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Video Game stuff

I'm currently playing a PS2 RPG, Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, and it's a great game, except it falls for the same trap that every RPG does. You send your team against a level boss, and what does the boss do? Kills your most essential character before you even get a chance to attack. I hate that. Damn AI's who cheat. Now I probably have to spend another 5 hours leveling my characters up. Sigh.

Otherwise, I just picked up a new Strategy/RPG game for PS2, Makai Kingdom, and Atelier Iris pissed me off enough to hold off on it for a while, to check out Makai Kingdom.

As for the fall, I can't wait for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I've been a Zelda fan for quite some time, and the newest entry into the Zelda catalog looks to be a knockout winner. You probably won't see me online much, the week after the game comes out. Heh.

Family will get Kingdom Hearts 2, so I won't have to run out to buy that game, but I will play it. And there's a few other RPGs that are upcoming that I'm interested in (Dragon Quest VIII, Magna Carta, Battalion Wars, etc). And Star Wars: Empires at War for the PC.

Other than that, I'll probably steer clear of the Xbox 360 until spring of next year, at the earliest. I might get a Nintendo DS, since there's alot of really good games coming out for that system. Word of advice (since I used to work in the video game retail biz): don't buy a PSP until midway through next year. There's few good games for it, and won't be many more for a while.


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