Thursday, August 04, 2005

Israel, pt 2.

With the Disengagement post having been done, I'll add some commentary about some recent ongoings in Israel. What alot of folks don't know, is that the far left and far right in Israel have routinely resorted to terrorism against their own people when they feel it's justified. The left in Israel does that with the anti-military stuff (protesters who block IDF stuff, help Palestinian terrorists, etc), while the right in Israel does that with anti-Israeli gov't and Israeli-Arab stuff. Basically, the guy who killed Yitzakh Rabin was a far right-winger. And occasional riots against Israeli-Arabs and Palestinians have been done by far-right wingers.

So, enter what happened today, in Jpost. Yes, it sucks that a far right-winger like that guy flew off the handle and killed people. That's the first thing that pops into my mind. The second thing that pops into my mind is the Israeli-Arab reaction. One one hand, I can understand their fighting against the terrorist, and killiing him. I'd probably do the same. On the other hand, the sheer rage that they exhibited was childish, and stupid. It tells me one thing: That they're more than willing to go where the Israeli terrorist went to. And their politicians rabble roused just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would. Great.

Stuff like this just pisses me off:An enraged witness to the incident said, "If this attack had occurred in a Jewish neighborhood and the attacker was Arab, he would have been killed immediately. The police came and they didn't do anything!" he said. "The police didn't even shoot the attacker – they were holding him alive in the bus."

Yep, definitely the same crap you hear from the ghettos in NYC, whenever a cop shows up. Blame them, never the actual criminal. Can I slap him? Please? Someone goes nuts and all he can do is play the victimization card.

And then there's the topper to all this garbage:

Hadash MK Muhammad Barakei, who had joined the mobs in Shfaram, blamed the attack on what he said was a campaign of incitement by Jews against Arabs. "This is not the act of a single individual extremist," Barakei said. "It comes from a culture of incitement."

Um, wow. A lone gunman that Shin Bet's (Israeli internal security, think FBI) been trying to track down for weeks now, equivocates with a terror campaign? With this giant ball of shit, slapping him would be too nice. And notice that he immediately turns it into a political talking point. Wonderful. Oh, and notice that he completely overlooks that it's a town full of both Israeli Arabs, Muslims, DRUZE, and CHRISTIANS. Talk about who's being racist? I say the Israelis should shitcan the multicultural bullshit, and take him down a peg or two. In the environment that Israel lives in, they don't need crap artists like him. I hope he rots in hell.

Me, I have but one thing to say to them: Grow the fuck up. Yes, a lone gunman did a horrible act of violence. Take your anger out on him, and his ilk, by all means. But their reactions so far, have been totally childish, and irresponsible. They managed to do the same damn thing that the Israeli terrorist did in reverse- label all Israelis as killers, effectively. Wonderful job, fuckwits.

It'll take some time before both sides clean up the slobber that they've left on the floor in all this ruckus. Get me a paddle, and I'll start spaking some children.


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