Friday, August 26, 2005

The media's summer swoon

You've gotta love how the Mainstream media acts when they get a chance to bloviate. The summer months are usually politically dead months, and this year, that's been the case as well. That usually gives the media a chance to create their pet newstories. Let's face it, the media's had little to work with from the actual world- other than the London bombings, what news has there been this summer? The fabricated polls, frothing at the mouth news stories about Cindy Sheehan, talk about the President's gas bill (I kid you not), shark stories, the Aruba crap, and intermittent actual news stories (London, Gaza, etc). Oh, and the media's usual dismisal of real news- like the actual details of the Iraqi constitution, the Able Danger story that's still unfolding, and Michael Yon's reporting from Iraq. Or the militant nature of the Palestinians. But that's expected, when Cindy Sheehan has a photo op she can't afford to miss!

I gladly await September.

We'll get at least three to four things happening in September: the first is that President Bush will give his annual speech to the UN early in the month, which will pretty much have the direct effect of shutting up the media's manufactured circus (which, btw, the media will act like petulant babies about), and it'll completely run Cindy Sheehan off the map (who, btw, will then run herself off the map in a vain attempt to get publicity by shooting herself in the foot, metaphorically speaking). Bush's speech will just happen to also coincide with two other things dealing with the UN: John Bolton's opening salvo of reforms for the UN, and the hammer coming down on the UN for the Oil for Food scam (which will most likely be targeting Kofi Annan directly, shortly).

The second thing that'll be important is the possibility of Congressional hearings into the Able Danger situation with the Pentagon and the 9/11 Commission. I say potential, because that could easily be pushed back into the fall. Hopefully, they'll have the Pentagon Lawyers, Clinton DOJ/FBI officials, 9/11 Comission members, and Jamie Gorelick all testify. In public. That'll also have the effect of dragging the news back to reality- the whole idea of national security rather than the nonsensical hyperventiliating we've been getting.

Next there's the implementation of the Iraqi constitution between September and November. For all the media's carping about it, it's actually going to happen. On September 12th, 2001, did anyone think that we'd see a world where there'd be a democratically elected Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon? Plus, there's going to be continued American and coalition fighting against the rear areas of the terrorists in Iraq, who's impact on the Iraqi landscape has diminished dramatically. It will only continue to become marginalized with the political and military situation rapidly falling away from them. By the fall of 2006, if the US and Iraqis keep up the pressure, there will be no real insuregency to talk about.

The last thing we'll see is the "Inside 9/11" documentary. I've seen a few clips from it- and it's really frank, hard hitting, and pulls absolutely no punches. It reminds us all of what we lost on 9/11, and what we're really dealing with. It's something that the media DOESN'T want us to see- because it's a direct reminder of the world we really live in, not the media BushHitlerHaliburtonn fantasy they've created. And combined with the congressional hearings (either in September or October) and the happenings at the United Nations, it'll have a real impact that the mainstream media won't be able to ignore. President Bush nearly always does good in the fall and winter months, rather than the summer.

And then there's October. That'll bring us to the local election season all across America- which means that the media will have to divide their time between messing around on the macro scale along with the local scale. Way to hamper their resources. Plus, there's baseball playoffs. Think anyone will care about what Cindy Sheehan and Chuck Schumer have to say when there's major baseball rivalries at play in the playoffs?

The media's got it's work cut out for itself. I'll just revel in their pain.


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