Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina: The end of the left's media

This will probably be the first in many posts about Katrina, the Category 4/5 Hurricane that slammed into the Gulf Coast a week or so ago. Now, I feel somewhat guilty talking about it at all, since I live in Tallahassee, and it bypassed me completely. Not TOO guilty, mind you, but just a little. I will be donating to charity when I get money (should be happening soon, at least), but I don't know which one yet.

Anyways, to start things off: the media, as a whole, has completely bungled the storm. You've got MSNBC and CNN taking time to harangue the President about what he should or should not do; nevermind the fact that they're NOT contingency or Hurricane experts. NOR are they dealing with a complete set of facts, either. It was pure and simple, an attempt at bashing the President, because they think they caught him with his pants down, on this one. And the Media goes hand in hand with their leftist cronies that are prevalent throughout the fringes of the media-sphere. What total bullshit.

Newsflash, to the media at large: the local and state governments failed Louisiana utterly. If you take a look at how things were done in Alabama and Missisippi, it's a whole different world. In those areas, the people there were able to get at least some assistance from the local and state government's emergency services. Why? Because they had good plans in place. In Louisiana, the gov't forgot to do basic stuff. Like remove the elderly and sick. Like bring buses and emergency trucks to higher ground. Along with gas provisions. Moving generators (or backups) to upper floors of buildings, so that they can still function. Oh, and the emergency services were kept IN New Orleans- so that when the shit hit the fan, they'd need just as much help as those stuck in New Orleans. I'll get into all this at a later moment.

But what the media wanted was it's pound of flesh. And they misfired badly. They're attempting to reduce Bush to a caricature, in the very moment that they really need him to act- because the local gov't in Louisiana failed. The only ones who HAVE responed were the Federal government, and they did so largely WITHOUT the help of the LA. gov't. I mean, if you really want to take it to it's logical conclusion, Bush could easily say "Y'all know, if you really need my help, just ask. But since you're all too busy being partisan hacks towards me, in the most vilest sense possible, I'll just sit this one out until you apologize. And mean it." And he can walk off the stage, with the world having to turn it's focus on the vile nature of the media, and their supporters.

Don't get me wrong, the media in the US has always been a nasty affair. It was nasty during the American Revolution. It was nasty during the Civil War. And through the Gilded Age with Hearst and all that. However, back then they never made bones about things- if they were going to be nasty towards Abraham Lincoln, they'd say so. And why. They wouldn't hide behind a facade that's called "MAINSTREAM MEDIA" and pretend they're not partisan. Or that they care about the American people- when all they really care about is power. And they're being cheerleaded on by their friends from the left- be it the Michael Moore types, Sidney Blumenthal types, or the oddball leftist blogger.

The stuff that Bush and the American public have had to deal with is sick-

- Firstly, I really don't need to say that the Democratic Underground (DU) blogs are especially vile in their reaction to all this. If you dare go there, you'll see the true face of the modern democratic party there. I warn you, it's not pretty and Oh, and the GOP website? Nary a nasty word, towards anyone because of the hurricane.

-Mayor Ray Nagnin ranting that the whole thing's Bush's fault, and plays the race card...and the media not calling him on it, one iota.,

- Air America basically repeating the type of whine that Kayne West gave:
and this

Reuters: more

- CNN and MSNBC taking time out to bitch about how they think that the war in Iraq has kept the Feds from mobilzing to help out in New Orleans. (MSNBC; Chris Matthews, and more) stuff on CNN, comparing it to Fox's work . (more on CNN) And to make matters worse, even BILL CLINTON yelled at CNN for their red meat attitude:

-New York Times using the race card to effectively try to say that Bush doesn't want to help New Orleans out because they're mostly black.

- Bush caused Global Warming and therefore caused the Hurricane.

- Bush was away playing golf while the hurricane hit land; no wait, they disproved that, so he was playing guitar instead

-E.J. Dionne being, well, E.J. Dionne. At least the Washington Post still has Charles Krauthammer. ( )

-And Sid Blumenthal being, wel, Sid Blumenthal. Hey, it's great he's doing this OVERSEAS. Assmunch.,1518,372455,00.html

- Kayne West- a lame hip hop artist who will be forgotten in two years, using his alotted airtime on a NBC disaster relief show to bitch about how the gov't gave blacks crack, and how Bush hates black people and is intentionally dragging his feet with the Federal response because of that (,2933,168387,00.html). Oh, newsflash, Mr. West: maybe somewhere in your pathetic little rant, you could tell me a little something: how come in all of that crap, you never ONCE ask the African-American community to get some goddamn well earned RESPONSIBILITY? Grow up, assclown.

- The AP taking cheap shots at the US:

- Democrats wanting to physically assault Bush:

- Robert F. Kennedy, JR. writing from the Huffington Post, proving that the Kennedy family legacy is dead, once and for all:

I think that will do, for now. But the left in America is sick. Someone put it out of it's misery already. I've had enough of this damn garbage.


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